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 Habt ihr Michael jemals gesehen/getroffen?

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BeitragThema: Habt ihr Michael jemals gesehen/getroffen?   Mo 1 Apr 2013 - 23:27

Seid ihr Michael jemals begegnet? Oder habt ihr íhn auf einem Konzert erlebt?
Wie war das für euch?

"The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation." Michael Jackson
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BeitragThema: Re: Habt ihr Michael jemals gesehen/getroffen?   Mo 28 Jul 2014 - 17:54

Eine schöne Fangeschichte von der Dangerous Tour und WDAN:   victory  Herz 

Back during the days of the Dangerous tour, summer 1992, me and my friend were crazy about the blue Working Day and Night pants. We were just gasping and gaping all the time when Michael was onstage in these pants. 
Sam never took photos during WDAN, where at all other times he was shooting like crazy. I think it was before one of the shows in Wembley when we say to Sam “Why do you never take photos of WDAN?” and he looks at us totally disgusted (yes disgusted) and says “I hate those pants”. We are like “Are you KIDDING???!!” and he answers “Yeah, they look like work pants”. My friend stares at him and says “Well, duuhhh, the song is called WORKING day and night!! Get it!?” He waves it off, shakes his head and leaves. 
Next thing you know, though, he starts taking photos of WDAN that night and after the end of it comes over and offers to take photos with our camera (if we had one) at the next concert.
Next concert, he takes my friend’s tiny little pocket camera (it was 92 remember, way before Internet and digi cams and stuff) and takes the photo that would have gone along with this post had the server not returnd error messages while trying to upload. Two, three others as well, but they were all blurred beyond recognition.
Vienna concert comes and during WDAN Sam does not take photos of Michael, but of me and my friend. Camera in our faces big time. Sort of annoying. At some time later (probably during Thriller which neither of us had much care to watch) we asked why he had the camera in our faces that much. He says “When MJ and I went through the Wembley shots, he noticed there were a lot of WDAN shots and wondered why, so I told him. He told me he wanted to see the girls who defended 'his favourite pants'”. Says it with a smug smile. We’re like “yeah right, get outta here and shit someone else”. (Not quite in that language, but communicating our disbelief as best as we could). 
Two days later, Frankfurt concert (28 August 1992), WDAN is on, me and my friend are on the right side of the stage and Michael is all the way over on the left. At some point during the song he starts running over to the right edge of the stage, takes mic into his left hand, and puts his right hand on his thigh and starts pulling and tearing on his cloth of the blue pants; then he points at my friend, does a thumb up, blows a kiss, and repeats the same stuff (pants pulling, thumbs up, blow kiss) to me – with the biggest smile on his face.
We? We freak out of course. Blah. Sam takes photos. Also of course. Of the whole interaction!!
Not that we ever got to see the pictures. But that was our own fault. At the end of the Frankfurt show Sam says "See you in Ludwigshaven" and we say, "Nah." So, he offered us tickets for the show on 30 August, but we ended up calling him on the 29th saying we had to drive home - as we were with two other friends. We ended up in a car crash on the highway and should have stayed and done the Ludwigshaven show but so it goes....
Maybe Sam would have shown us the photos. I bet he still has them (at least those of Michael). 

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Habt ihr Michael jemals gesehen/getroffen?
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